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Student Services

Counseling and Tutoring Services

The faculty at Lincoln Law School are available by appointment to provide one-on-one academic counseling to students. In addition, the dean maintains an open-door policy for all students.

Friday Review Program

The Friday Review Program is offered on select Friday nights. The program consists of Review Coordinators with outstanding academic success offering their experiences and skills through review sessions to fellow law school students. The review sessions are offered for first-, second-, and third-year courses to provide personalized attention and additional academic support.

Judge Mentorship Program

Under the direction of Judge Laurie Earl (Lincoln Class of 1988), fourth-year students are paired with a Sacramento County Superior Court judge mentor. The program provides an opportunity for Lincoln students to gain knowledge of the courts, career advice, information regarding court matters, job opportunities, and other issues relevant to the practice of law.


Observing the legal world in action, being in a law office or corporate environment, isn’t just invaluable, it’s worth credit. Guided by the Legal Internship Coordinator, the program gives 3rd- and 4th-year students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and firsthand exposure to the legal profession.

Study Groups

Sometimes, it just takes talking things through with another person to better understand the complexities of the law. And who better than your fellow law students? That’s why we provide bulletin boards and student government organizations to help with finding or organizing study groups.

Student Achievement

Student Achievement Data – May 2019