Class Units
Civil Procedure 6
Criminal Procedure 4
Legal Research 2
Real Property 6
Summer School Units
*Elective 2
Moot Court 2



Civil Procedure

A study of the jurisdiction of courts, venue, parties, commencement of actions, limitation of actions, pleadings, joinder and motions, trial by jury and by court judgment, new trials, and proceedings after judgment. Both state and federal courts will be studied. 6 Units-Required


Criminal Procedure

A study of problems in criminal law procedure and enforcement including jurisdiction, statues of limitation, former jeopardy,ex post facto laws, proceedings preliminary to trial, and the right of a defendant to trial.


Legal Research

Practical instruction in how to use a law library and the purposes and processes of legal research using both traditional book methods and computer assisted legal research techniques. Students will undertake an actual research project and are required to prepare a written legal memorandum or brief.


Real Property

A study of the law of real property including the rights and liabilities of possession, transfers of estates in land, types of estates and rights incident to the ownership of the land.


Moot Court

Practical instruction in the skills, techniques, and format of brief preparation, procedure in reviewing courts, oral presentation of facts and law, and persuasive argument.


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