Class Units
Advanced Professional Responsibility 2
Legal Analysis 3
Remedies 3
Applied Legal Reasoning/Semantics and Legal Logic 3
Trial Advocacy 3
Trusts 2
Wills 2


Advanced Professional Responsibility

An advanced study of the professional conduct laws and regulations applicable to the legal profession with a specific focus on the California Rules of Professional Conduct and California Business and Professions Code. Topics covered include: beginning and ending the lawyer-client relationship; advertising; fee arrangements; confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege; conflict of interest; duty of candor in litigation; and competence.


Legal Analysis

Practical instruction in preparing legal documents including legal memoranda, points and authorities, and briefs. Projects teach research, proper use of cases, and the drafting of persuasive and effective legal documents with instruction in applying these different writing techniques.



A study of equitable and legal remedies, the measure of damages in contract, torts, and real property actions, enforcement of equitable decrees, the right to jury trial, equitable conversion, equitable servitudes, interference with contractual or prospective advantage, and resulting and constructive trusts.


Applied Legal Reasoning/Semantics and Legal Logic

An advanced analytical course requiring identification and analysis of legal issues with an emphasis on conveying legal reasoning though writings with additional emphasis on the study of the role word choices play in the application of particular legal principles. Coursework will include frequent written exercises with extensive critique and multi-state-type examination exercises.


Trial Advocacy

Practical instruction in both civil and criminal trial advocacy using a variety of techniques including lecture, videotaped demonstrations by famous trial lawyers, and seminars with top trial lawyers in the Sacramento area. Each student will participate in a mock trial including pretrial procedures.



A study of the planning, creation, and administration of trusts, the duties and liabilities of trustees, charitable trusts, and the nature and application of the rule against remotely contingent interests and related rules



A study of intestate succession, execution, revocation, and probate of wills, and incorporation by reference and related problems.


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