Class Units
Contracts 6
Criminal Law 4
Legal Writing 2
Professional Responsibility 2
Torts 6
Summer School Units
*Electives 2-4




An introduction to the law of contracts, including their formation and performance and the rights and obligations of contracting parties and other parties affected by contracts.


Criminal Law

A study of punishable acts and omissions, the mental state requisite to punishability, and the scope of liability for conspiracy, attempt, and participation in crimes committed by others.


Legal Writing

Practical instruction in legal-writing techniques. Classes are held on alternating Saturdays.


Professional Responsibility

A study of the organization and regulation of the legal profession with a specific focus on the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Topics covered will include requirements for admission to practice law, types of disciplinary measures, responsibility of the lawyer to clients, courts, the legal profession and the community, fee arrangements, and judicial conduct.



An introduction to the social obligations an individual owes to others according to the traditions of the common law, and subsequent developments including torts within the broad categories of intentional invasions, negligence, absolute liability, defamation, deceit, and interferences with business, political, and family relations.


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