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Third Year

2023-2024 3L Schedule

Fall/ Spring Schedule Units
Community Property 2
Agency/ Business Associations 1/3
Constitutional Law I/ Constitutional Law II 3/3
Evidence I/ Evidence II 3/3
Summer Schedule Units
*Electives 2-4

Community Property

An introduction to the determination of community, quasi-community, or separate property and such property’s management and control, liability for debts, and division through termination of the marital relationship.

Agency/ Business Associations

A study of the nature and character of agency relationships, business organizations including proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations, their creation, termination, and management, and how they are affected by state corporation laws and federal securities and tax laws.

Constitutional Law I/ Constitutional Law II

A study of the United States Constitution, including the theory and practice of judicial interpretation and review, separation of federal powers, the relation to the states to the federal government, specific governmental powers, various limitations imposed on the exercise of governmental power, and the protection of individual liberties. The course will cover the due process and equal protection clauses and the Bill of Rights.

Evidence I/ Evidence II

A study of the Federal Rules of Evidence and the California Evidence Code including the purpose of evidence, rationale for the rules and instant recall of the rules and exceptions. Particular emphasis will be given to the rules and exceptions pertaining to relevance, hearsay, character evidence, impeachment, scientific evidence, and privileges. The course will focus on practical application of the evidence rules in trial by using cases and exercises of actual trial situations.

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