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Second Year

2023-2024 2L Hybrid Schedule

2023-2024 2L On-Site Schedule

Fall/ Spring Schedule Units
Civil Procedure I/ Civil Procedure II 3/3
Criminal Procedure I/ Criminal Procedure II 3/1
Advanced Legal Research and Writing 2
Real Property I/ Real Property II 3/3
Summer Schedule Units
*Elective 2
Moot Court 2

Civil Procedure I/ Civil Procedure II

This course involves the understanding of the fundamental principles of civil procedure in state and federal court. In addition, students are expected to understand how these principles apply in a variety of real-world settings. The course focuses on territorial jurisdiction, subject-matter jurisdiction, venue, choice of law, pleading, discovery, law and motion practice, right to a jury trial, jury selection, preclusion doctrines and right to appeal.

Criminal Procedure I/ Criminal Procedure II

This course covers criminal procedure as embodied in the Fourth and Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution, concepts of due process and equal protection, issues relating to entrapment, identification procedures and grand jury proceedings. The course focuses on the practical application of these concepts as well as the constitutional analysis of criminal procedure. The basic principles of criminal procedure are primarily focused on the interaction of individuals with law enforcement during the investigative stages and some of the proceedings once arrested and charged with a crime.

Legal Research and Writing

Students develop the ability to locate, read, understand, analyze and communicate legal authority persuasively. The class will provide instruction on the purposes and process of legal research, using both traditional and book methods and Internet-based services. The student will engage in research exercises based on the facts and legal issues of hypothetical clients. The result of the student’s research will be used for practical application of actual legal authority to the client’s case. Written work product, such as legal memoranda, briefs, and pleadings, will be prepared using the student’s research and analysis. The final project will entail the preparation of a bench memo based on a hypothetical criminal appeal.

Real Property I/ Real Property II

A comprehensive overview of the nature of real property. Topics that will be covered include exploring what encompasses real property, the right to exclude, the rights and duties of landlords and tenants, estates in land, deeds, adverse possession, easements, covenants, nuisance, restrictions on use, real estate transactions, mortgages, and water law.

Moot Court

Moot Court is designed to familiarize students with the rudiments of appellate advocacy. The course will include locating, identifying, and understanding appropriate precedents; developing the capacity for oral argument in an appellate judicial setting; and further developing the capacity for analytical legal thinking.

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