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First Year

1L On-Site Schedule 2022-2023

1L Hybrid Schedule 2022-2023

1st Year Electives Spring Units
Introduction to Legal Studies* 2
Summer Schedule Units
Laws and the Judicial System of the United States* 2
Fall/ Spring Schedule Units
Contracts I/ Contracts II 3/3
Criminal Law/ Criminal Law Defenses 3/1
Legal Writing I/ Legal Writing II 1/1
Professional Responsibility 2
Torts I/ Torts II 3/3
*Courses count towards elective credit and may not be required.

Introduction to Legal Studies*

An introduction to the American legal system, including the history and working structure of government and the decision-making process of the courts. Focus is on the process of legal analysis and the case-method approach to the study of law.

Laws and the Judicial System of the United States*

An introduction to the legal framework of the judicial system including fundamental rules, court cases, concepts, and trends of key subjects in American law. This course will provide the necessary background in process and substance to understand future changes in American law.

Contracts I/ Contracts II

An introduction to the law of contracts, including their formation and performance and the rights and obligations of contracting parties and other parties affected by contracts.

Criminal Law/ Criminal Law Defenses

A study of punishable acts and omissions at common law an  modern statutory offenses, including a consideration of mental states, defenses and the culpability of multiple parties.

Legal Writing I/ Legal Writing II

Practical hands-on instruction in legal writing techniques, instruction in writing law school/bar examination essay answers in the subject areas of criminal law, contracts, and torts. Students are assigned in small groups to a Legal Writing reader all of whom are members of the Bar. Readers are responsible for reviewing, grading and discussing examinations with students for the purpose of instruction on proper formatting, issue spotting, organization, content, and writing style.

Professional Responsibility

A study of the organization and regulation of the legal profession with a specific focus on the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Topics covered will include requirements for admission to practice law, types of disciplinary measures, responsibility of the lawyer to clients, courts, the legal profession and the community, fee arrangements, and judicial conduct.

Torts I/ Torts II

Understanding of the obligations individuals owe according to the traditions of common law and subsequent developments including the broad range of categories of intentional torts, negligence, strict liability, products liability, nuisance, defamation, and invasion of privacy.