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Class Schedule


The curriculum at Lincoln Law School is designed to offer students a strong foundation in a variety of legal principles. The first two years of study prepare students for more advanced law classes, while developing their skills in communication, organization, and articulation. Courses in the third and fourth years continue to develop and refine the students’ expertise in interpreting and applying legal theories.

When can I begin?

Students may begin study at Lincoln Law School in spring, summer, or fall. Students entering in either spring or summer enroll in specially selected electives as “Pre-First-Year” students and begin the first-year curriculum the following Fall Semester. The Pre-First-Year program is designed to introduce law study and provide an opportunity for students to develop legal background and study skills before entering the more rigorous First-Year curriculum.

Required Courses

Students are typically required to take a minimum of 9 units in both Fall and Spring Semesters and typically take 2-4 units in Summer Semesters.

A total of 86 units are required for graduation, including 76 units of required courses and 10 units of elective courses.

First Year – 1L Fall-Spring Schedule 2021-2022

Second Year – 2L Fall-Spring Schedule 2021-2022

Third Year – 3L Fall-Spring Schedule 2021-2022

Fourth Year – 4L Fall-Spring Schedule 2021-2022