The mission of Lincoln Law School of Sacramento is to provide an excellent legal education at an affordable cost to qualified applicants. By selecting students based on the total person, with emphasis on life experience, Lincoln Law School aims to provide educational opportunities to a diverse student population. Through an affordable, four-year evening program, the school strives to meet the special needs of students who may be raising families, working full-time, or preparing for a second career.


Diversity Statement

Lincoln Law School of Sacramento is committed to diversity.  As such, the School strives to ensure a safe, affirming, and nurturing environment for its students, faculty, and staff. Inherent in this commitment is a belief that a strong community is built upon, and enriched by, both commonalities and differences. The School recognizes and celebrates the fact that students, staff, and faculty are diverse—varying in age, physical abilities and cognitive talents, socioeconomic status, political viewpoints, religious/spiritual and/or philosophical beliefs, and sexual, gender, and racial/ethnic identities.  We actively demonstrate our commitment to success through our program, policies, and services. We foster a welcoming environment based on open and considerate dialogue, mutual understanding, and respect for individual differences.